Devices and system solutions

Our product lines FRIGOLINK, FRIGOENTRY and UNIVERSAL XP have been highly regarded in our branch for many years and are used in thousands of locations. With our devices, you can efficiently realize all automation tasks for your refrigeration and building technology. As a consequence, you can noticeably reduce your energy costs, save resources and, overall, optimize your ecological balance.

Some information on our main product lines may give you a first impression of their range of function:


  • FRIGOLINK – With the FRIGOLINK line, you can realize demanding system solutions with just a few modules. Modules can be used in many different environments thanks to customised software. The FRIGOLINK topology is based on the following system components: master modules and field modules. Master modules serve as a central operation unit. As such they control and coordinate the field modules. Field modules are used for data logging and for input and output of switch signals. Temperature, pressure and humidity values are recognised by various types of Wurm sensors. Many standard parameters are stored in our expert database. They can be used, for example, for time-saving implementations. The entire parameterisation is stored in the memory module of the master module.
  • FRIGOENTRY – With FRIGOENTRY devices you control conventional plants with standard requirements reliably and at low costs. Each FRIGOENTRY device has a clearly assigned function and can work either alone or in combination with other Wurm equipment. Our universally applicable control devices work with modern protocol technology and can be used for all types of refrigeration units. As plant operator, you benefit from self-descriptive data protocols, huge measuring data storage, large event histories, individually adjustable alarm priorities and many possibilities of combination. 
  • UNIVERSAL XP – Our device family UNIVERSAL XP provides you with system extensions for consumption recording (electricity, gas, water), monitoring of temperatures, operation and error messages and remote effect units. These extensions fit perfectly into any plant and control system by Wurm.

The entire portfolio of Wurm devices with the respective product properties can be found in our annual “Current Product information”, in our web-based Wurm Infocenter or in our paperless info app.