High quality guaranteed by a complete test chain

Our aim is to provide you with the best quality from a sustainable and responsible production. Therefore, we apply efficient quality management measures throughout the company. In this sense, quality not only refers to our products and solutions but is our yardstick for all areas of our company:

  • We develop and produce our software and hardware internally.
  • Every Wurm product is subjected to a complete test chain from the development phase to the final manufacture.  Only when all the tests have been passed in every respect may the device in question be delivered to the warehouse or directly to the customer.
  • The materials and substances we use are exclusively delivered by quality manufacturers that are committed to our sustainability standards.
  • We set our suppliers standards that are as high as those we set ourselves. Thus, we ensure that our suppliers are committed to sustainable production and environmentally safe disposal.
  • Environmentally friendly and resource-saving processes according to strict EU regulations are, of course, important pillars of our quality management.  
  • Our colleagues in the Wurm customer service do everything always to find the best and fastest solution for your request. You can count on their friendliness - without a long wait.

Wurm quality means safety, comprehensive service and reliability.