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Think network

Data management and software

Energy efficiency, operating costs and security are key issues for running your plant. Plants optimised for energy are not only cost-saving but also contribute much to climate and environmental protection. In order to evaluate the energy efficiency and the performance of your plant(s) you need to have a complete overview – over a single project as well as over a branch network.

Particularly if you work with a system solution which comprises refrigeration, climate, lighting, air condition, heating and peak load optimisation, transparency is a demanding task. We provide you with the instruments for a comprehensive monitoring around the clock and climate protecting plant operation.

Whether as software for the PC, an internet application or an app for your mobile device – with our solutions you have everything under control: parameterising, visualising, documenting and alarming. If needed, independent of location and time via remote data transmission with mobile devices.


  • Sensitive data need safety

Sensitive data need safety

Safe Solutions

In a single day, our servers collect more than 400 million datasets from all connected stores which are made available for the respective plant operators. The Wurm COM-CENTER (as a sequential logical system) connects the datasets reliably with the evaluation tools.

In view of the changeover of all Deutsche Telekom connections to Voice over IP (VoIP) and the termination of analog technology, the data exchange of many plants with Wurm technology has been provided successfully through safe VPN connections for a long time.

For convenient access to your datasets at any time, we run several redundant and certified servers with an uninterruptible power supply. Our own server farm in Remscheid is well protected by a multi-level security system.


Our routing service – Advantages at a glance

  • Secure VPN connections between Wurm and plant operators for encrypted data transmission from and into the markets. 
  • With just one Wurm VPN connection you can reach thousands of markets.
  • Routing service for plant operators with 1:n VPN connection – Wurm provides all service and maintenance for your encrypted VPN connection with all of your service partners. Nothing for you to do any more if there is a new implementation or change of service partners – you will noticeably relieve your own IT team!
  • Simple and fast with “Plug & Play” – practical 1:1 router solution for markets where until now the connection to your plants has been established without a static IP address. (DSL connection or modem).
  • High safety level with the European router – no open port and thus no unauthorised access and no manipulation from outside.
  • Intelligent solution for old modem technology – Wurm is able to connect even old modem technology to new VPN solutions. LAN modem with serial connection converts old technology to LAN technology. 
  • Safe VPN connections in combination with multi-level password authorisations in our gateways provide the highest protection.
  • Frigodata online 2.0

Frigodata online 2.0 –
Advantages at a glance


FRIGODATA ONLINE 2.0 is an excellent instrument for mobile work.
Independent of platform and location, the website enables you to process, evaluate and qualify even large amounts of data.
Thanks to automated data collection and processing you achieve a transparency far above the information content of other solutions.

A key advantage of FRIGODATA ONLINE 2.0 is the comprehensive evaluation and visualisation of thousands of stored data in clear, significant and standardised displays – for example, as clearly structured HACCP tables, graphic malfunction statistics or as bar chart for temperature conformity.
You can not only analyze a single project in every detail but also carry out a comparison of all projects included. Thus, you will get an overall overview on the energy balance of your markets.

With FRIGODATA ONLINE 2.0 you can also set up a live connection with a plant to see current data.

The web platform supports you efficiently with the realisation of an energy management (EnM) according to DIN EN ISO 50001. This international norm, published in 2011, focuses on the worldwide reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and sets standards for the implementation of an energy management system. Plant operators ought to realise this in a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.


FRIGODATA ONLINE 2.0 provides you with a number of helpful EnM tools. For this, the BAFA (Federal Office for Economy and Export Control) listed our browser solution as “eligible energy management software” in 2015. Together with a large number of other Wurm devices, our web platform is also certified for energy management by the German TÜV.

HACCP evaluations not only provide you with data from the previous day – with FrigoDoc Xpress, inherent part of FRIGODATA ONLINE 2.0, you can see and analyse current temperature data whenever you need them.
For greatest possible HACCP conformity, the digital documentation runs on several redundant servers over 2 years. Moreover, the acknowledgement function enables the paperless documentation of internal procedures.

The HACCP conformity, reliability and quality of our management solutions and of many of our hardware devices has been thoroughly examined by independent experts and certified by HACCP International in accordance with the high international standards.

For several years, our browser-based application FRIGODATA MOBILE has enabled the usage of FRIGODATA with mobile devices. You can benefit from clear selection lists of projects, controllers or malfunction and procedural messages.

FRIGODATA ONLINE 2.0 is an ideal instrument for your comprehensive plant management – no matter how many plants you have to supervise.  https://online.frigodata.net/  

For more information on FRIGODATA ONLINE 2.0, please see our flyer "Fast plant management with a clear overview" in the download area.


  • A complete overview wherever you are

A complete overview
wherever you are



Mobile solutions

Mobile working is standard practice these days. Of course, as a user of Wurm solutions you have a lot of ways to access relevant data even when you are on the road. This includes getting status information and changing settings of control methods as well. 

Among the key options are:

  • Frida App - our app Frida for mobile devices enables you to create and edit projects at any time and place. If needed you can analyse project data at the most granular level of detail and also modify adjustable values. In the crearly structured device tree, you can see all devices on the CAN-bus and navigate the set of parameters. Even huge sets of parameters will be presented clearly. Different types of connection in the plant ensure that the required information is displayed on your mobile device: On site in a project via BLE and mobile via Internet wherever you are. Thus, all plants that are reachable via data remote transmission can be selected in Frida according to your individual user rights.
  • FrigoDoc Xpress – our practice-oriented online application for HACCP-compliant temperature monitoring. You can overview all temperature data anywhere and at any time. A clear colour code indicates at a glance if your plant is in proper condition. FrigoDoc Xpress is known for its high degree of reliability and quality. After a thorough examination by independent experts this has been certified by HACCP International in accordance with the high international standards.
  • OneID – our app is the fastest way for you to access those Wurm applications that you use regularly. OneID binds your mobile device (e.g. your smartphone) to your unique user identity - just by tapping your fingertip on the respective icon. Thus, you avoid inconvenient log-in procedures with user name and password.
  • paperless info – our range of apps is continuously growing. With paperless info you always have all the important product information from our web-based customer info center at hand offline.


  • Frida App

Frida App in the display
plant in the pocket

Frida App

With this new application for mobile devices you can create and edit projects independently of location. When required, the app can visualise a project down to the deepest detail level and you can change all adjustable values. You can see all your devices on the CAN bus in the clearly structured device tree and navigate through their parameter sets. Even large parameter sets are presented clearly and you can also benefit from clearly structured HACCP tables.

Frida App is developed continually and enhanced by new functions and features. Moreover, the design has been optimised for mobile devices.


There is a free demo version available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

For more information, please see also our flyer “Frida in the display – plant in the pocket”.


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  • Frigodata XP

FRIGODATA XP - comprehensive plant management
with remote data transmission

Frigodata XP - intelligent software in development

Our PC software FRIGODATA XP has been used successfully by plant operators and service companies in the refrigeration and cooling sector for many years. It covers a wide range of plant management tasks, for example, the continuous and regular collection and processing of data and data recording.   

FRIGODATA XP enables the user to parameterise his plants by remote monitoring and to visualise and evaluate collected data. Complete data recording contributes much to detailed and precise temperature documentation according to HACCP. Further functions facilitate alarming.

With its comprehensive range of functions, the PC software is an effective instrument for the first commissioning of plants and continuous professional fault management. Apart from that, FRIGODATA XP is excellently suited for detailed analysis, as the software can use continuously updated measured data.


Connection with the Wurm DATA CENTER enables the integration of any number of stand-alone PCs with FRIGODATA XP. This is a perfect foundation for flexible system design, scalability of the system and redundancy.

Another advantage of FRIGODATA XP is the creation and integration of process pictures concerning the plant.

With its functions, FRIGODATA XP covers to a large extent the wide range of plant monitoring tasks.
We are continuously working on the maintenance and further development of the system. This means you will continue to benefit from a high degree of investment security.

More information on FRIGODATA XP and other FRIGPDATA solutions you can see in our brochure FRIGODATA SOLUTIONS in our download area.