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Against the background of climate change and shortage of resources, energy efficiency and sustainability have long since been key themes in refrigeration and building technology. As experts for the automation of the management of refrigeration and building technology in the food retailing sector, we provide efficient system solutions for current challenges and future questions.

In an overall system, reliability and a wide range of functions of the control components are decisive. For each task area within the system Wurm offers the suitable instruments. Whether for the control of a single market with a conventional concept or for the management of a branch network – we are experienced in big networks and the resulting data. Large retail chains with more than 3,000 branches and service providers with more than 1,000 branches have been using our technology successfully for years.

We have a lot of experience with the coupling of plant components via bus systems with common protocols and have developed many different solutions to fulfil your needs. Considering the often short market cycles of components for electronic control devices, we always design our successor products to be downward compatible. If you want to implement our new developments in an older plant to improve its efficiency, we will help you by means of slight hardware changes and software updates.

Within our product range, our established and acknowledged product lines FRIGOLINK, FRIGOENTRY and UNIVERSAL XP play an important role. They are complemented by display devices, gateways, sensors and other equipment. With the FRIGODATA software line, you have the possibility to monitor, control and analyse your plant in real time via remote data transmission - independently of your location and platform.

Our solutions enable you to realize efficient automation of all tasks connected with your management of refrigeration and building technology. You can reduce your energy costs, save resources and generally optimise your ecological balance.

  • Customised solutions

Tailor-made solutions
for many fields of application


Devices and system solutions

Our product lines FRIGOLINK, FRIGOENTRY and UNIVERSAL XP have been highly regarded in our branch for many years and are used in thousands of locations. With our devices, you can efficiently realize all automation tasks for your refrigeration and building technology. As a consequence, you can noticeably reduce your energy costs, save resources and, overall, optimize your ecological balance.

Some information on our main product lines may give you a first impression of their range of function:


  • FRIGOLINK – With the FRIGOLINK line, you can realize demanding system solutions with just a few modules. Modules can be used in many different environments thanks to customised software. The FRIGOLINK topology is based on the following system components: master modules and field modules. Master modules serve as a central operation unit. As such they control and coordinate the field modules. Field modules are used for data logging and for input and output of switch signals. Temperature, pressure and humidity values are recognised by various types of Wurm sensors. Many standard parameters are stored in our expert database. They can be used, for example, for time-saving implementations. The entire parameterisation is stored in the memory module of the master module.
  • FRIGOENTRY – With FRIGOENTRY devices you control conventional plants with standard requirements reliably and at low costs. Each FRIGOENTRY device has a clearly assigned function and can work either alone or in combination with other Wurm equipment. Our universally applicable control devices work with modern protocol technology and can be used for all types of refrigeration units. As plant operator, you benefit from self-descriptive data protocols, huge measuring data storage, large event histories, individually adjustable alarm priorities and many possibilities of combination. 
  • UNIVERSAL XP – Our device family UNIVERSAL XP provides you with system extensions for consumption recording (electricity, gas, water), monitoring of temperatures, operation and error messages and remote effect units. These extensions fit perfectly into any plant and control system by Wurm.

The entire portfolio of Wurm devices with the respective product properties can be found in our annual “Current Product information”, in our web-based Wurm Infocenter or in our paperless info app.



  • FRIGOLINK Operational concept G4

FRIGOLINK Operational concept G4

High operating comfort with FRIGOLINK G4

We are constantly working to improve our products and solutions and to make them even more user-friendly. Thus, we have also developed a completely new concept and design for the master modules of the FRIGOLINK series. New arrow keys and easy one-finger touch operation make navigation even faster than before. Three new symbol keys further support intuitive use.
As the hardware is identical with the well proven operational concept G3, the module can easily be exchanged. 




  • New front design facilitates easy and intuitive operation – with arrow keys and self-explanatory symbols, you can navigate fast and comfortably.
  • Convenient one-finger operation instead of pressing key combinations with 2 fingers.
  • More information by means of a versatile graphic display – apart from the values being searched for, you will also see your operation options in the menu currently selected.
  • Find the value at high speed - parameters can be accessed easily through so-called „Quicklinks“. Unique numbers for each parameter prevent wrong results and improve communication between service partners.
  • Systematic structure of parameters – the well-structured division into 4 main menus helps you to orientate yourself in the system.
  • Complex operating steps can be supported by so-called „assistants“ – besides, you will benefit from context-sensitive help.
  • Copy-and-paste function accelerates the configuration of cooling positions – you just need to copy the parameters of a cooling position that is already installed.
  • Better orientation thanks to feedback function – on the display you can see which action you last executed. 
  • Multimedia Crossover via QR code – a QR code in the display enables you to call up comprehensive information on your smartphone with our Wurm App „paperless info“.
  • HCO2-G4

HCO2-G4 -
Flexible solution for CO2 plants

Efficient process controlling of CO₂ plants

Due to stricter requirements for climate protection, operators of refrigeration and building control systems are increasingly using natural refrigerants such as R744 (CO2). The number of transcritical CO2 plants is rising. Wurm has continuously been developing technology for the controlling of transcritical CO2 plants since 2006. Current trends such as ejectors and integrated systems are, of course, important parts of our constant further developments.

Our experience gained over years has now been incorporated into the development of our new master module, HCO2-G4. This comprehensive solution is highly scalable according to your specific requirements. You can use it for various tasks such as parallel compression, ejectors, heat recovery or air conditioning.

Heat recovery (HR) with HCO2

Heat management belongs to the key tasks of economically and ecologically efficient plant operation. Due to its multitude of functions, HCO2-G4 is flexible to use under different operating conditions. For example, you can control two complete units that generate heat for heating water and heated process water at the same time. Further heat sources can also be used and controlled. Thanks to needs-based heat recovery with HCO2-G4, the entire waste heat of the refrigeration plant stays in the system and you can significantly increase the energy efficiency of your plant.


Heat volume calculation

One of the outstanding features of HCO2-G4 is its integrated heat volume calculation without additional sensors. All relevant information is already available in the control system. Analysis and evaluation of the heat recovery is executed in combination with our web-based platform FRIGODATA ONLINE. Operation times and malfunctions are considered, too. Increased HR transparency enables faster fault analysis and troubleshooting.


With HCO2-G4, plant concepts can also be realized with both stepped and continuous ejectors for transporting gas and liquid.
Ejectors influence the pressure level in the respective refrigerant circuit (gas or liquid medium). The work done during this process (Venturi principle) can be used in different ways and thus contribute to increasing the energy efficiency of your plant.

Please see also our brochure "Efficient process control of CO2 plants" in our download area.




ANIMUS –  a compact platform
for complex applications

Animus Platform

Compactness and space-saving dimension are the outstanding features of the new platform, ANIMUS. The new product of the FRIGOLINK series is able to combine various single components in one device and is – at the very heart of an application – particularly suitable for complex systems. ANIMUS is conceived as a stand-alone device that can, however, be easily integrated into a FRIGOLINK environment if required.



  • The compact platform extends the range of application possibilities of the FRIGOLINK series and combines the functionality of master modules and field modules  
  • Pre-matched standard solutions for compound systems, CO2 booster, complex heat recovery applications, retrofitting in building services and more 
  • Full integration into new or existing systems with FRIGOLINK 
  • Extensive standard equipment with digital outputs as relay 230V ~, digital outputs 230V ~ for AKV, digital input 230V ~, analog outputs 0…10V, analog inputs for temperature sensors, analog inputs 0...10V or 4...20mA   
  • The number of inputs and outputs can be expanded with field modules  
  • Portable keypad – handy for multiple devices or to protect against unauthorised modification



  • Optimised user navigation – clear key symbols enable easy one-finger-touch operation  
  • Variety of wizards will guide the user quickly through all steps of an installation  
  • Further user support through context-sensitive help and info key 
  • Direct access to parameters through quicklinks
  • Facilitated support and avoidance of confusion with other parameters by unique number per parameter