Whistle-blower protection system
Integrity Line

The whistle-blower protection system of our parent company BITZER, BITZER Integrity Line, allows all employees of the Wurm Group, business partners and other third parties to report suspected and known violations of the Wurm Code of Conduct for Employees or the Wurm Code of Conduct for Business Partners as well as any violations of applicable laws – if desired, anonymously.

Implemented with the help of an external service provider, BITZER Integrity Line has been assessed by the BITZER Data Protection Officer for compliance with data protection provisions and by IT for data security. The system enables confidential dialogue secured with special encryption. With 17 languages to choose from, whistle-blowers can submit their information in their preferred language – either in written form or as a voice message. The BITZER Group’s central legal department will review the information, after which the Head of Legal Services will decide which measures are to be taken and which Wurm employees are to be involved in processing the information.

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BITZER Integrity Line

Code of Conduct for Business Partners

By acting with honesty and fairness and within the boundaries of the law worldwide, we undertake to support the protection of international human rights, compliance with employee protection rights, the protection of the environment and the fight against international corruption. Furthermore, in light of this responsibility, we undertake to respect our business partners as a fair competitor in a free market. We expect the same of our business partners and their employees and demand that our business partners comply with applicable laws and our Code of Conduct for Business Partners.


Code of Conduct for Business Partners